5 Reasons Geeks Love The Walking Dead


Geeks love lists and The Walking Dead; here’s why.

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Geeks love The Walking Dead and that’s a fact; AMC has the ratings to prove it. But why exactly?

With just mere hours before the Season 4 Premiere, here are five reasons geeks love The Walking Dead:


Reason One: Zombies

Walkers Inside

Well duh, this is a no-brainer. Get it – “no-brainer”? Nevermind. Geeks and non-geeks alike are obsessed with the undead, and no one does it better than Robert Kirkman. Kirkman has been giving us a zombie-loving good time for 10 years now, and with the growing popularity of the TV show, it can only get better.

After the discovery that everyone was infected, we’ve been wondering just how the zombie apocalypse began in Kirkman’s world. For most, it doesn’t really matter, as there is guaranteed to be an onslaught of zombies in The Walking Dead. No one is ever safe in this world, and we love it.

Zombies also come in many shapes, sizes, and uniforms in The Walking Dead, and can even steal the show; I’m looking at you “Zombie What Ate Dale”. 

Kirkman prays on our obsession for the undead, and he always seems to deliver.


Reason Two: The Comic

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Geeks love comics; well, most do. It’s only natural for geeks to love a property that has lived in the comic world for ten years.

While it is very true that the television show has taken a path of it’s own, The Walking Dead would not be the ratings smash that it is today without the comic. Recently celebrating turning 10, the comic series is going strong. Kirkman and friends have an excellent way of keeping you moving from issue to issue, and storyline to storyline, in a way that not many other featured comics can.

At the same time, fans of the comic have been somewhat disheartened over the last season or so as the show has taken drastic steps away from the comic book storyline.

If you’ve never read the first issue of the comic, now is a superb time to start. A new major story arc has just begun, and it’s further enough down the road, as well as totally different, than the show.

If you aren’t sure if you’d like the comic, check out our War Report Countdown that lead up to the All Out War story arc.


Reason Three: The Combat


Geeks also love video games, and apparently in this zombie-filled universe everyone that ever picks up a weapon is a master marksman.

Halo and Call of Duty have nothing on the spectacular headshot-after-headshot that seemingly anyone can pull off.

If you’re not racking up Killtaculars from headshots, you’re probably wielding the most coveted piece of zombie-fighting weaponry known to man: The Magic Shotgun of Holding.

Yes, in the daring escape from Herschel’s farm we lost a family member or two, and our favorite group of survivors were separated, thanks to Carl and his ridiculous need to throw rocks at walkers, and Rick to shoot Shane point-blank in the face. Here’s the point: ALL of these folks would have been zombie food had it not been for Herschel’s heroics with his shotgun that never needed a reload. At all.

(Note: In the event of a zombie outbreak, do not depend on your own shotgun; it is not magical.)


Reason Four: Stuff And Things

Stuff and Things

Geeks have short attention spans, as do some trusted heros of ours in the zombie outbreak. We can totally relate to Crazy Rick as he’s tooling around outside of the prison with his “stuff and things”.

I mean, really, what would we do without our smartphones, game consoles, and Buzzfeed?

The answer: stuff and things.

We totally feel your pain, Rick. We understand.


Reason Five: The Characters


In all seriousness, we love the colorful cast of characters from this show; even the bad guys.

Did anyone expect Daryl Dixon to take over this show? No, but thanks to fantastic performances by Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yun, and the entire cast, we are totally devoted to this show.

Do we always support their decisions? Not a chance. Afterall, Lori was probably the worst parent of all time…well, not probably, she was. Shane was also a crazy douchebag, but did that stop us from feeling for him just a tad bit for being in the situation he was? Dale left long before his time, and Herschel is half the man he was when we first met him.

The beauty of the comic series as well as that these characters are incredibly dynamic, and are the reason we keep coming back and back to the comic, and the show as well.

Are some of the characters different in their respective comic/TV universes? Of course, but that doesn’t make us love them any less. These bold and powerful characters are some of the most well-written characters in the lot of geekdom.

There are plenty more reasons we geeks love The Walking Dead, we want to hear from you: why do you love The Walking Dead? Let us know over on Twitter!

Here’s to Season 4 and many more to come!

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