A JustUs Geeks Interview with Jose Prendes

Jose Featured

The Sharkpocalypse is upon us; check out this interview with Sharcano author, Jose Prendes!

Jose Featured

Click here for our interview with Sharcano author Jose Prendes!

At a young age, Jose Prendes dived right into the world of film and entertainment and hasn’t looked back. Since 2001, Prendes has worked in all facets of the film world, both in front of and behind the camera.

Prendes’ latest work, Sharcano, is the first of what he calls the “Sharkpocalypse Trilogy”. Eventhough Prendes is currently developing a film slated to star Nick Nolte and Jeremy Irons, Prendes’ obvious first love is writing.

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Click here for our interview with Sharcano author Jose Prendes!

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