A Lost Pit in Antarctica


Check out this Lovecraftian tale by Featured Writer Keith Parker!


Fan of Lovecraft? Check out this excellent work by Keith Parker.

William slogs along, sniffs icy wind.  All his days past roar back. Upon his first visit to Antarctica William was thrust into insanity. Now, drooling, William stops by a shaft that yawns. With a kick of his boot snow falls into that pit. It’s not Mi-Go; it’s not Yith; it’s not any such god. Man knows not of such things. But this idol can assist him. It can allow him to go. William knows this.

For an instant William gasps, but soon unwinds as a living thing that’s black, oozing, malicious calls to him. William looks at primal sin.

In 1927 William lost his sanity. Now William is a product of insanity. William jumps into this waiting pit. Fangs grip him. A horror — unknown to our math and physics waits for him with a thousand squirmy organs.

Smirking, William says, “Iä! Iä! Cthulhu Fhtagn!”

So who is Lovecraft? What’s a Cthulhu?!? Click his portrait below to find out more!


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Keith Parker

Keith Parker is a traditionally published science fiction and fantasy writer, history geek, college football fan, and long-time collector of games and shiny objects. You can find him at NASA unless he has transmogrified himself into an elephant.


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