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*Updated: 07/28/15 – added instructions for reviewing a podcast on the iOS Podcasts app.*

Josh here with an update on a few things you want to know about with the JustUs Geeks. Don’t worry; no one is going to Heck this time around.

New JUG RSS Feed

In case you didn’t know, an RSS feed is what basically makes a podcast go. It helps you get all of the awesomeness we do every week from iTunes, Stitcher, and all kinds of other services that reach out and get our weekly podcasts.

Admittedly, the way we have had our RSS feed configured in the past hasn’t exactly been great. It’s actually been sort of difficult to get our content out as far as we could because of the setup and configuration. Enter our good friend Steve from Geek Cast Radio! I’m incredibly grateful for the help he’s given us over the past couple of days, helping us to get our content better optimized for delivery to the interwebs. Huge thanks to Steve, and make sure you listen to this week’s episode for more details about him and all of the awesomeness going on over at Geek Cast Radio.

So, not much will change in how we get the podcast to you if you’re listening to us on iTunes or Stitcher, but our postings will look a little different. BUT! In the process of getting our new RSS feed out in the wild you might see some of our episodes disappear from some of the locations you find them; this is perfectly normal. The entire back catalogue of the podcast will all make its way back in the next couple of weeks (so just listen to the ones you can find on repeat).

Here’s our new RSS feed:

Plug it in, follow it, and do what you will with it. You’ll still be able to get all of our geeky content here on the site, and of course iTunes.

iTunes Review

Speaking of iTunes, let’s talk about iTunes reviews: we need them! Our show has been online for over three years, and we have only 31 reviews on iTunes. We know that lots of you listen to our show, and we are incredibly grateful for that. If you listen to our show, would you do us a HUGE favor and head over to iTunes and give us a review?

82% of people who listen to podcasts on their phone do so on an iPhone, and three quarters of these listeners do so on the Podcasts app. iTunes is way more likely to help make our show more visible to people scrolling and searching through the Podcasts app if we have lots of reviews. Reviews are simple, you can choose to either leave a comment or not, and it will take you just a minute or two to complete.

Thanks to our good friend Dan Marsh we had to look into what it takes to leave a review of a podcast from the Podcasts app; they don’t exactly make it easy to do for podcasts you are currently subscribed to. Thanks to for these amazing step-by-step instructions and sweet infographic!

Here’s how to rate and review a podcast from your iPhone or iPad:

1.) Launch Apple’s Podcast app.
2.) Tap the Search tab.
3.) Enter the name of the podcast you want to rate or review.
4.) Tap the blue Search key at the bottom right.
5.) Tap the album art for the podcast.
6.) Tap the Reviews tab.
7.) Tap Write a Review at the bottom.
8.) Enter your iTunes password to login.
9.) Tap the Stars to leave a rating.
10.) Enter title text and content to leave a review.
11.) Tap Send.

Check out this infographic from!




Just to be clear: I’m not asking you to go and give us a five star review, and lie if you don’t like our show. If you’d do me a huge favor, and take the time to leave us a review (and possibly a comment) you could have a huge part of JustUs Geeks growing.

I’ll even make it easier for you; here’s a link that will take you to our iTunes page if you’re on a desktop:

You faithful listeners are our lifeline; I can’t thank you enough for your awesome support.

Podspot Coming

This is the one I’m most excited to update you about.

A while back I started a series, Podspot, because lots of you had been asking me what podcasts I listened to. I had big goals when I started, aspiring to do this on a weekly basis, highlighting one particular podcast and why I thought you should listen.

It was an incredibly lofty goal, and like many things I want to will into existence for JustUs Geeks, it just wasn’t feasible. I stopped the series almost as quickly as it began, and I told myself that I would start it back when I found a better way to do the work involved so that the series would be worth reading and following.

Fast-forward to this Thursday when Podspot returns in a HUGE way. I made mention on the last episode of the podcast that Podspot was coming back, and who the guest was, so go check out that information in the middle segment of our show. Podspot will now be a monthly series with the same general focus as before, where I’ll feature a podcast that you should listen to – but we’re taking it a step farther. We’ll be talking with some of the biggest names in podcasting, feature their content, and hopefully segments of an interview with the people behind the shows. This Thursday’s podcast is only a few episodes old, and has already cracked the Top 10 of iTunes. You don’t want to miss it!

So those are the updates! Do you have any suggestions for me? Send us an e-mail:! Let us know what you’d like to see from the JustUs Geeks!

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