Apple announces NEW 128gb iPad?! (UPDATED)



In one of the quietest announcements in recent company history, the internet woke this morning to the announcement of an update to the current line of iPads from Apple, bringing the internal storage space to 128gb.  This announcement is bizarre, due to it’s lack of fanfare and strange timing.  While the device was rumored yesterday, today Apple has decided to make it concrete fact, along with the price for both WiFi only and 4G LTE models.  Images of the new back plate have already leaked as well, and yes, they are inspired by the current design of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini with both black slate and silver aluminum being available…

big thanks to 9to5mac for the image

big thanks to 9to5mac for the image

The new, bigger iPad owes a lot to the Mini when it comes to design, and it will be interesting to see if the front is changed in any way at all, but don’t expect it.  The 128gb iPad launches on February 5 with a price tag of $799 for the WiFi only model and $929 for the LTE enabled one.  This makes it just as expensive as the new Microsoft Surface Pro.  Do you think it’s worth it?  Let us know in the comments section, or over on our page at Facebook.

UPDATE: According to rumors and sources, the back plate shown above is NOT for the new 128gb iPad, but instead for a forthcoming revision sometime down the road.  Rage on, friends, rage on.



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