Are We Getting a 7-inch iPad?


According to fan site 9to5mac, yes, and that’s not all we are getting.  In a post published just last week, the site reported on some rumors that appeared on site iLounge, which has a pretty good track record of getting rumors right.  Here’s what they’ve reported so far:

1.  There will be a special Apple event sometime in September.  (The 12th is looking more and more likely)

2.  The brand new iPhone/iPhone 5 will be announced at this event, along with the new iPod Touch, which will have the same screen resolution as the iPhone (1136X640)

3.  There will be a new iPod Nano.  No details other than it might be longer.

4.  Here’s the big one – a 7.85 inch iPad mini with new 19 pin dock connector, which should be out in time for Christmas.  Also, Apple is working on mini Smart Cases and Smart Covers.

5.  And last but not least, the most debated rumor – Apple will update the full sized iPad with a new, thinner design.  It will also sport a back side mic and will run cooler.

While Apple usually releases it’s iPad updates in the spring, the tech giant may go ahead and release all of this at once with a target on Christmas as a huge (isn’t it already) revenue stream for them.  Most of the rumors make sense to us except the larger iPad, which may not debut until next year.  One thing is for certain: Apple has some tricks up it’s sleeve and it’s not just a new dock connector.

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  1. Carter 8 August, 2012 at 11:07 Reply

    I can’t wait to hear what Apple has to say about the mini iPad. Currently, I have an iPad 2 that I absolutely love, but it’s not exactly convenient to carry around everywhere. I originally heard about the iPad mini from a coworker at Dish and it got my interest piqued. I normally only use my iPad for watching TV on the Dish Remote Access app, since my DVR is connected to a Sling Adapter, but it is just awkward to hold in front of you. I’m really hoping to see this come out sooner than later, as I absolutely love iPads and a smaller one would be perfect for me!

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