“Battleship” the Movie is Sinking Universal Pictures about 220 million dollars



Battleship, the movie based on a board game, has unsurprisingly launched to a dismal ticket sale weekend. Battleship finished with only around 25 million in domestic sales this weekend which doesn’t even begin to touch the movies special effects laden price tag. Universal also sunk ship loads of money into an advertising campaign for the movie making it show up pretty much everywhere. Universal Pictures obviously wanted to rake in some of the cash that the Transformers, another Hasbro owned property, had done for Paramount Pictures. Unfortunately, they failed to realize that Transformers was based on a beloved toy series that had already spawned successful TV shows, animated movies, and at least had characters and a story, which the board game battleship did not.


Activision is publishing a game based on the movie Battleship developed by Double Helix, who made a decent Green Lantern game last year. I use the word “decent” in the most generous way I can. The game hasn’t seen a lot of reviews since it launched very quietly, but the few early reviews mark it mediocre at absolute best. I use the term “mediocre” also very generously. The WII and 3DS versions of the game are supposedly more turn based and play more like the actual board game of Battleship instead of a FPS like the xbox360 and ps3 versions. Wow, it may be I actually prefer a WII version of a multi-console release for once.


If your an absolute action junkie you may be able to turn your mind off long enough to enjoy Battleship, but I doubt it. You’d probably have more fun if you just played Battleship with your friends. At least that doesn’t take two hours and you don’t have to see Rihanna’s painful acting.

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