Big Infinity Blade 2 update scheduled for this week!


According to Joystiq, iOS app Infinity Blade 2 will see a pretty substantial update this week which will allow you to meld together three gems in a tweak to the gem interface, but perhaps the most important aspect of the update will be the Clashmob feature which has been promised since the app released.

With more and more games finding their future intersecting with social media, it’s not surprise that Infinity Blade 2 would go this route.  What is Clashmob?

Basically, Clashmob is a global game mode where people from all over the world join together to defeat monsters.  You fight individually, and your damage is added to the global total.  If the monster is defeated, then you win treasure and riches.  You add friends to your “mob” from either Facebook or Game Center, so if we are Facebook friends, expect a lot of requests from me, as this is one of my favorite games.

So, what’s the verdict?  Will you be playing Clashmob?  If so, what are your hopes for the mode?  Also, do you think we’ll ever get an update that lets us SELL weapons, armor, and items?

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