Bronies and Pegasisters Rejoice! Free My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic posters at Walmart!


In news that is guaranteed to make some of our readers, both male and female, “Squee!” in delight, Walmarts across the nation are running a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic endcap promotion to show off the new Royal Wedding line of ponies, which includes the long awaited Wedding Castle playset.  Though the toys are the main event, the sides of the endcap display feature 4 free posters featuring various characters from the My Little Pony universe and a map of the fabled land of Equestria.

Posters include a Royal Wedding print, a series villains collective called “Chaos is Magic”, a season 2 cast print, and the map of Equestria.  Pretty neat, if I may say so.  Go hit those Walmart’s now, folks, and hey…..leave some for the kids, will ya?

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