• Podcast episode 23 – Double Jeopardy!

      The Geeks kick things off with a little Celebrity Jeopardy this week, then dive in to the topics you crave! On deck this week: we discuss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles script leak, Jared and Brandon debate the Apple ...
  • Podcast Episode 22 – The Scranton Branch

      The Geeks are looking for a new member, and with news coming this week that The Office is coming to an end this season we interview the fine folks at Dunder Mifflin for the position! Then we manage to ...
  • Podcast Episode 21 – ERMAHGERD NINTENDEHR!

    We’re 21! Come celebrate with us as we discuss Geeky things this week including: Fall TV Previews, Daredevil movie rights, Fantasy Football, the Marvel NOW! comic relaunch, the newest Mario game and YOUR geeky questions!   Click here to download ...
  • Podcast Episode 20 – Curiosity killed the Martian Cat

      The Geeks are back from Mars, where they were hanging out with good ole’ Curiosity to bring you the news, reviews and conversation you love. This week we talk about the Mars mission, Sherlock Holmes, whether the 3DS XL ...
  • Podcast episode 19 – Where No Geeks Have Gone Before

      Boldly going where no Geek has gone before, today the crew of JustUsGeeks.com setsout on a mission to bring you all the Geeky knowledge you need. Topics this week include rebooting the Batman Nolan-verse, Windows 8 backlash, Video Games ...
  • Podcast Episode 18

    It’s our THE DARK KNIGHT RISES edition, where we share our thoughts on the film, discuss the worst BATMAN video games ever, talk some MAC OSX MOUNTAIN LION, some TRANSFORMERS news, share Apps of the Week and a Boardgame of ...
  • Podcast Episode 17 – NERD RAGE!

      The Geeks discuss NERD RAGE! and the fury over early bad reviews of The Dark Knight Rises. Marty tells us why he thinks toy exclusives are bad for everyone, Brandon and Jared talk some Star Trek, and we discuss ...
  • Podcast Episode 16 – Boogie & BRAAAAAINS Edition

    It’s the Boogie and BRAAAAAINS Edition of the JustUs Geeks podcast, with a special appearance by YouTube’s Raid Boss, Boogie2988. (Check out more from our favorite Francis: http://www.youtube.com/boogie2988)
  • Podcast Episode 15 – Friendly Neighborhood JustUs Geeks

    With Brandon conquering Disney World on his Honeymoon this week, the Geeks welcome back guest host Dan Marsh to help us dissect “The Amazing Spider-Man”, we talk some Google Galaxy Nexus 7 tablet, the Nexus Q, board game of the ...
  • Podcast episode 14

    The Geeks welcome guest @MichaelBurgett to the round table to help us kick around many topics, including Google’s new tablet, some Fantasy Sports talk, the latest video game news, an update on Avengers vs. X-Men, and guest reviewer @CjLeMaster gives ...
  • Podcast episode 13 – Geeks Re-assembled

    The geeks go a little SNL on you with a WWDC-inspired opening skit, then get down to business discussing geeky news from the past week.  Josh and Jared welcome back Marty and Brandon before diving into some video game chatter, ...
  • Podcast episode 12

    You get half Geeks, half Substitutes and 100% fun this week as Josh and Jared welcome Rob from the @Rewatchability podcast and our good friend Dan Marsh to help fill in for the missing Marty and Brandon. Batman is the ...
  • Podcast Episode 11 – E3 Edition!

    Hey J.U.G.heads, it’s our big E3 extravaganza! The Geeks discuss the Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo press conferences, answer your questions and much more! Plus an opening skit in homage to the 80’s Transformers animated movie! ; Click here to download ...
  • Podcast Episode 10

    The Geeks are proud to bring you an exclusive interview with Seattle’s own Super Villain, @RexVelvet! We also discuss the latest video game news, answer listener questions, pick Apps of the Week and more!   Download and Subscribe (and leave ...
  • Podcast Episode 9

    The Geeks gather to discuss lots of geeky topics this week, including Men in Black 3, the Facebook IPO debacle, Dish Network getting sued, G.I. Joe 2 getting delayed till 2013, Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes possibly being canceled, Transformers: The ...
  • Podcast Episode 8

    The Geeks discuss Hasbro’s terrible packing ratios with “Transformers: Prime” figures, quotes from Steve Wozniak, the launch of Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3, Apps of the Week, listener questions and much more! As always,   Click here to download ...
  • Podcast Episode 7 – JustUs Geeks ASSEMBLE!

    This week it’s all about THE AVENGERS! Join the Geeks as we discuss the movie, what we’d like to see in a sequel, what gripes we had with it, and more. Then stick around as we discuss news from the ...
  • Podcast Episode 6

    The JustUs Geeks have assembled Avengers style to bring you episode 6 of our future award-winning podcast.  In this episode we discuss our anticipation for the AVENGERS movie and Jared’s JOSS WHEDON worship, the new DARK KNIGHT RISES trailer and ...
  • Podcast Episode 5 has arrived

    This episode the Geeks discuss “Young Justice”, FBI peepin’ in on yo’ internets, viruses, favorite Nintendo accessories, whether we think Nintendo and its Wii U can be successful, Apps of the Week and more! Download from iTunes! or Download directly!
  • Podcast Episode 4

    This week it’s YouTube commentary, more video game tomfoolery (in the best sense of that word of course) Apps of the week and more! Oh yeah, and a Leroy Jenkins opening gag. Download on iTunes! or Download directly!