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It is not often that Marvel or DC are willing to release original or progressive books, so I was obviously excited when I heard about Infinity: Heist. Books that center around villains can be some of the most interesting books. This time we get to follow Whirlwind and Blizzard as they delve into The Underground to learn about a job that Spymaster is offering them that could have the highest payout of their super villain careers.

The story here is actually pretty basic. Whirlwind and Blizzard have been robbing banks together following there participation in the battle against the Mandarin in Invincible Ironman #526. They break into a bank and Spymaster is the vault offering them a job. Once they are gathered, along with a motley crew other lesser known villains, Spymaster reveals that he wants to rob Tony Stark while the Avengers are distracted battling the Builders as seen in the Infinity series. I am absolutely loving where this series is going. One of the wonderful things that Tieri, the writer, has done here is make me cheer for these villains. Blizzard, especially is engaging, believable and likable.

Despite the quality of the story overall, there are some major dialogue hiccups here. Tieri is a great story teller, but sometimes he ruins an otherwise great scene with very poor dialogue choices. Sadly, this will be a big turn off to some people, because it makes the book hard to read in certain places, and I am afraid people will miss the charm of this book buried beneath. Thankfully, most of the problems are in the first half of the book. So, if you can power through that, once Spymaster starts introducing the team, it gets much better.

The biggest failing in this book is the art. The art is horrendous here. Barrionuevo needs to learn how to make his characters not look angry. I know this is a villain book, but villains are not always angry. They do not have a permanent scowl on their faces. Even scenes where I felt characters would be happy had them illustrated with an angry look. When they did not have looks of rage going on, he gave the characters these creepy grins that just made me feel uncomfortable. Overall the art in this book is a total flop.

There is a very charming, fun book here. You just have to filter through all of the filth to find it. I really want to like this book, but all of its problems keep me from it. I cannot recommend this book to anyone but the most diehard Marvel fan. Which I think is fine with Marvel. I do not think they meant to sell a lot of this book. It was experimental, and I have to give Marvel at least credit for that. Overall I give it a one out of five stars.

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