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If this is not All Out War, I would hate to see what is.

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Kirkman made a statement with this issue of The Walking Dead. A lot of the last thirteen issues has been build up, and Kirkman wants you to know, that even though the survivors have been relatively safe lately, that no one is safe now. This is the first issue that has truly felt like The Walking Dead in months. Rick’s group is (finally) in danger again, and there seems to be no escape.

With all of the setup that has been going on to lead up to All Out War I was worried that the confrontation with Negan was going to be quickly resolved. Thankfully, Kirkman showed that Negan cannot take anymore of Rick’s attempts on his life. Along with that, we are finally getting a sense of how outmatched Rick and crew are against Negan. Whereas, we used to think Negan only had numbers, now we realize how organized and smart this man is. One of the key factors that has made The Walking Dead mediocre for the last year is the lack of overwhelming odds for Rick’s group, and now we see that Negan is the smartest villain we have seen yet.

For all of his comparisons to The Governor, Negan really proved how much scarier he is in this issue. I do not want to give away too much of this fantastic issue, but just let me say, even the safest sniper nest does not seem safe when you learn how intelligent and prepared Negan is. Negan’s development in this issue is some of the best that we have seen in some time. I hope that we get more of this when All Out War starts. The less like The Governor he is, the more memorable he will be.

There is so much I want to say about this issue, but it is so full of relevant story that I really cannot without giving it away, and I would hate to do that when the suspense is what makes this issue great. I was extremely terrified and nervous while reading this issue. All I can say is that Negan is going to break Rick, and after how stable he has become since arriving at the Alexandria Safe-Zone, it is about time.

The Walking Dead issue 113 is exactly what we have been waiting for. This is absolutely The Walking Dead at its best. If you are behind on the comics, I would suggest catching up right now. With All Out War coming, and the fantastic cliffhanger this book leaves you with, there is no better time. I give it four and half stars out of five.


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