Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Coming to PC on August 24th



For gamers out there that need to be challenged to controller shattering levels (myself included) there are no games better than Demon Souls and Dark Souls. Kindred only in spirit these two games provide a difficulty level that harkens back to the old days of gaming. Enemies are relentless and numerous, traps are lethal and come out of absolutely nowhere, boss fights will have you crying and screaming in rage. When you win however, the elation and sense of joy rivals anything I have felt about a game in a long time. Patience, actual and practiced skill, and a desire to be victorious are whats going to be required to finish either of these games.

Now that the introduction is out of the way, Dark Souls will be making its way to PC gamers on August 24th mostly due to a petition signed by hundreds of thousands of gamers to deliver it. Namco Bandai decided to take a page out of Nintendo’s book and release the game for PC in the form of  Dark  Souls: Prepare to Die edition. Sounds even harder than the console version! PC gamers may not be so happy they wanted this when they find themselves faced with the games staggering difficulty level. That’s the beauty of the game however, and I number it as one of my favorite xbox 360 games of all time.


So if you haven’t experienced this series yet, go do it. The console games can be picked up pretty cheap for either system, and the PC version looks to be just as grand.

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