Diablo 3 beta is open to all battle.net account users this weekend!



Attention! All battle.net account holders (you remember battle.net right? Its that thing you log into to lose at starcraft) may access diablo 3 beta areas this weekend only. This will surely be the last time to do so before the games late May release date.

Its strange to say isn’t it? Diablo 3 is actually going to be out and be a real thing! Im a long time fan of the series and I have little doubt that it will contain all the high production standards the gaming world comes to expect from team Blizzard.

More updates and news for diablo 3 are coming down, so stay tuned the website J.U.G. heads!

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  1. thigpen74 22 April, 2012 at 07:22 Reply

    Yeah, I was going to do this but I really only play the single player game I thought I’d wait until it was totally polished.

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