Discovered Playstation Web Domain Names May Hint at Gamescon Reveals Early






Sony’s Gamescom extravaganza is right around the corner, but eagle eyed geeks have already plundered the interwebs to find website domain names that could unveil some things before the big show. While some of the domains remain so cryptic as to be impossible to guess, some confirm some long rumored titles and affirm that Sony is not just gunning for 3rd place in sales anymore. Here are your domain names oh astute JUG fans:

Possibly a new game to be revealed at Gamescom

Could be a cancelled psp sequel, hopefully can be revived later

Known to milk dead cows, Sony is going to push this series for all it’s worth. Since Resistance 3 didn’t sell very well, I wonder if this is dead too.

I have no clue, hopefully a reveal at Gamescom

Could be a remake of an old dreamcast title, or something new all together

Oh, we can only hope

This game has been on ps3 fan’s scopes for a while, hopefully more info will be revealed soon.

Could be the subtitle of the rumored God of War movie, I doubt that this is true but one can hope

probably a crappy move game… yeah there I said it, move blows.


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