EA Reveals Design Philosophy Behind Xbox 720



While armchair investigators continue to scour the inter-webs for Xbox 720 details, all that we truly know is that some developer and publishing houses have demo or prototype units in their grubby hands. While no one knows the full specs or capabilities of the machine (mostly because it is still being designed) it is tantalizing to know that some people are getting sneak peeks at hardware and the rest of us are twiddling our thumbs and waiting for the barest of facts to grace us. If any publisher would have access to the Xbox 720, you can bet your joystick that EA does, and while executives at EA say they don’t even know the full specs of the system (and may not for some time) they do know what direction Microsoft is taking with the hardware and what key features must be implemented due to changing market demands. EA executive Kristian Segerstrale, according to a report from GamesIndustry on Friday, revealed this about the xbox 720:

“Almost any device comes with a billing mechanism, a connectivity mechanism, a policy on updates, and all those things that makes it more than just a piece of hardware.

“The consumer can’t be happy if on your specific hardware updates come out slower, or the experience isn’t updated as quickly as on some other platform.

“I think that’s where all of us have work to do; we have work to do to learn as a publisher to deal with that environment better and to be faster and to be better across the board.

“Ecosystems also have an evolution to go through. I think most of the time there’s a fairly deep understanding that this is going to be looked at moving forward, and I’m really pretty optimistic on that,” Segerstrale said.


Sony, if you are reading this, please take note and make the ps4 NOT the most complicated interface of all time, and also don’t make updating it about the same level of difficulty as tripping nuclear fission or repairing a flux capacitor.



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