Electronics Distributor May Have Revealed Wii U Price and Release Date




A distributor that supplies websites such as Amazon.com and Newegg.com may have outed some Wii U details before any official announcement from Nintendo. A news report from GoNintendo.com revealed the company, Video Products Distributor,  has listings for 3 SKU’s for the Wii U starting at 249.99 and rising to 349.99 bundles with release dates of November 11th.  No word yet has been revealed on what is included in the bundles considering that game and peripheral announcements are rumors at best. While this does appear to be a pretty solid contact, the price point does sound a little low. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t complain about a 249.99 Wii U console, but considering the technology and game pad I think a more realistic price is 299.99. Hopefully Nintendo will shed more light on the situation soon.

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