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They call themselves the Guardians of the Geekery. What a bunch of…

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The Guardians of the Geekery assemble this week with one Mikey Burgett to take the JustUs Geeks Podcast into the next galaxy. In their continued pursuit of intergalactic truth and justice….oh no, wait; no justice, just chicken wings.

The conversation kicks off this week with a small tribute to the late Harold Ramis, followed by this week’s #TweetTheGeeks question of the week. The Featured Topic this week, as you might could’ve guessed, is a discussion about the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy. After the break, the conversation shifts towards the latest round of next-gen console exclusive games.

You don’t want to miss our Game of the Week, That’s My Jam!, and Apps of the Week!

Special thanks to Mikey for hanging out with us for this episode. Check out his article Superwood? exploring the connection between the series Everwood and superheroes!

The Geeks are also INCREDIBLY excited about LexCon 2014! We hope to see you there! We’ll head to Lexington, KY in just a few weeks. Don’t miss our interview with Lexington Comic and Toy Convention showrunner Jarrod Greer! Let’s geek out, Kentucky!

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