Episode 151: 50 Shades of Grey


Was this episode so hot that it was removed from our site? Apparently so, but fear not; our Fifty Shades of Grey episode returns!Hi folks; it’s Josh here with a really weird update of sorts.

We discovered this morning that one of our most popular podcast episodes of all time, Episode 151: 50 Shades of Grey, was not showing up in our iTunes feed. (Thanks, Max; you really saved the day!). In doing some further digging, and after discovering another email from one of you, we discovered that the entire posting of this episode was removed from the website entirely. It’s apparent at this time that someone gained improper access to our site, and attempted to totally remove this episode from existence.

That’s why we have backups.

So why on Earth would someone do this?! We’ve got no idea ourselves, but we couldn’t stand the thought of this particular episode not being made available for you. Was it “too hot for listening”? It was a pretty awesome episode; c’mon, it’s four guys reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey.

What all do you need to know about this episode? We went to see the movie, all four of us, and had a blast. We recorded our reactions immediately after viewing the movie, and the show we produced was pretty great. There’s no in-depth discussion on sex, nothing vulgar, and nothing really outside the realm of our normal show.

The bottom line is this: this isn’t a gimmick or an attempt to get you to listen to an old episode of the show. Lots of you responded incredibly well to this episode, and it was one of our best to date. If you haven’t had the chance to give it a listen, please do it. What more do you need to know other than “four guys reviewing Fifty Shades of Grey”?

Because we don’t respond to trolls and jerks, I won’t make any other comments other than do yourself a favor and listen to this episode. Have you already heard this episode? Do us a favor and give it another play, and let us know that you did!

I’m incredibly thankful to all of you that listen, interact, and support us every day, and JustUs Geeks wouldn’t be possible without you.

So, here it is, the “too hot for listening” review of Fifty Shades of Grey, Episode 151.

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