Episode 168: Jurassic World


Hold on to your butts; this week’s podcast is a spoiler-free discussion of Jurassic World!

This week’s episode of the podcast features a spoiler-free discussion of the summer’s most anticipated movie, Jurassic World. The Geeks discuss seeing the movie in both 2-D and 3-D, and which option is best for you. The guys start from the top of the film, and talk about what makes this film great, where it misses the mark, and if it successfully helps capture the feeling of the original film over twenty years ago.

One of the Geeks said that Jurassic World was “the summer blockbuster we’ve been waiting on for the last five years”, but do the others agree?

After the break, Josh asks this question: If it were announced that Jurassic Park/World was opening as an actual amusement park full of actual dinosaurs, would you sign up to be one of the first people to go?

Really, what could go wrong?

Also, don’t miss our take on the upcoming Karaoke War of the century with our good “friends” from I Heard That Was Good!

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