Episode 183: Family Matters


It’s a rare condition, in this day and age, to read any good news on the newspaper page; or in this podcast. Family matters in this week’s episode.




Full disclaimer: While Family Matters is discussed, well….that’s not what this episode was really supposed to be about. This week’s show marks 52 consecutive weeks of JUGcast 2.0, so what better way to celebrate than to basically hand Matt, James, and Logan the controls?

Before you jump right into this episode go check out this week’s featured episode, JUG Rewind!

So what DID we talk about in this week’s episode? Well, we actually did talk about the last 52 episodes of the podcast, and we even mentioned some of our favorite moments.

So where does Family Matters come in to the equation? You’ll just have to listen to find out!

But seriously, here are some things to look forward to in this episode:

  • How did Matt, James, and Logan become part of the show?
  • Favorite moments from the last 52 episodes!
  • Thoughts about Episode 150, our last live episode!
  • Random singing.
  • A look back at Karaoke War 3015: Thunderdome Edition.
  • Family Matters
  • More Family Matters
  • Notice how vague we are about Family Matters?
  • What’s coming up in the NEXT 52 episodes?

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Episode 184 looks to be otherworldly, as the podcast’s best friend, Dan Marsh, joins us to talk about The Martian!


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