Episode 189: Fallout


Keep your bottle caps; this week’s Fallout episode is ready for your nuclear-loving enjoyment!



Who’s ready for Fallout 4? Yep, us too, and so much so we did an entire episode about Fallout! Grab your Nuka-Cola, and get ready for this full on Fallout podcast.

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So, Fallout; is there a lot to know? That’s a question that we asked, and answered this week. Want to know what all we talked about? Here’s your Fallout guide:

  • So what’s the Fallout backstory?
  • What makes Fallout so great?
  • Why should I play any of these games?
  • Do I need to play all of the games to play Fallout 4?
  • Is Fallout: New Vegas any good?
  • Which Fallout is the best?
  • Should Logan live in a vault?

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