Episode 190: James Bond


Earn your very own License to Kill this week as the Geeks talk all things Bond…James Bond.



Live and let die with the Geeks this week as they aim their sights on 007 himself, James Bond. Expecting a review of Spectre? That’s coming up this week on Extra Geeky!

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There was lots of ground to cover this week as the Geeks dive in to the world of Bond, but we covered just about every single area of the James Bond universe. Here’s what to look for in this week’s episode:

  • How many Geeks have seen classic James Bond films?
  • Favorite classic Bond films!
  • Which classic Bond films did Logan like the best?
  • Who’s the better Bond: Connery or Moore?
  • Are the new Bond films better than the old?
  • How do the great memories of Goldeneye impact your actual view of the film?
  • What’s the best Bond video game?
  • Is Daniel Craig the best James Bond yet?
  • How important is the soundtrack to a Bond film?
  • Where is the James Bond franchise headed?

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