Episode 213: LexCon 2016 Interviews


Here’s our interviews from LexCon 2016, featuring interviews with Greg Grunberg, General Grievous, Jambi the Genie, and a Time Lord! Listen now!



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LexCon 2016 was our most successful trip to Lexington, Kentucky yet! As always, we had some incredibly great content over on our YouTube channel; you’ve subscribed, right? Seriously, go subscribe, and check out the great content we posted from our time at LexCon 2016, and previous LexCon’s from the past!

We already uploaded our interview with Mike and Ming from AMC’s Comic Book Men; you’ve heard that too, right? This was probably the highlight of our trip, but we also interviewed some other really incredible guests while at the show. As we mentioned, we were lucky enough to be able to talk with some great guests, and we think you’ll enjoy our conversation with some of them.

Listen to the show, let us know your thoughts on the interviews in the comments below, and check out our videos from LexCon 2016 on YouTube!

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