Episode 249: New Year

New Year

New year, and a new podcast full of geeky goodness!



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No, seriously, go leave us a review on iTunes. It helps people find the show! Leave us a review and tell folks about the podcast this year!

After you’ve given us a review on iTunes, give this first podcast of the new year a listen! We look back at 2016, and chat about some things we wish had gone differently. (Curse you, 2016!) We also spend some time talking about some of the greater things from 2016, and what they meant to us. We look ahead to 2017, and seek to expand our JUG empire.

Also, The Guv joins us, and we give him lots of Mom-Jeansin’ to do.

Fun times! Give the episode a listen, and follow along with us in 2017! We are looking forward to what the new year holds for us and you!


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