Episode 253: I Heard That Was Good – Episode 142

I Heard That Was Good

We’ve been waiting so long for the next episode of our favorite podcast…that we made it ourselves. Here’s Episode 141 of I Heard That Was Good.



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Here’s a note about this episode from Logan:

This week’s episode of Just Us Geeks is a bit different from anything we’ve ever done. In fact, it might even qualify as a different podcast altogether!

A long time ago, we had a sister podcast called I Heard That Was Good ran by two exceptional fellows and friends of the podcast, Tim and Carson. Unfortunately, the pair ended their run of the show in September of 2015 with Episode 141. They left us with a heartfelt “see you later” and an open-ended possibility of more down the road. We here at Just Us Geeks absolutely loved that podcast, and our patience was wearing thin while waiting for another episode.

So, we made our own.

Episode 253: I Heard That Was Good Episode 142 is a labor of love for us. We made this episode to honor our longstanding friendship/karaoke rivalry with the duo who gave us so much movie-loving content (and maybe possibly stir some feelings for more. Wink.). While going back and listening to the show again, we made pages of notes to get the feel and flow of the show exactly right. We wanted this to be as close to their episodes as possible, so we spared no expense in setting it up. From the opening to the segments to the Beer of the Week, we wanted to make you feel as if you were stepping back in time to the golden age of a specific movie-centric podcast.

Our wish for this episode is that Tim and Carson understand how much their show and their friendship meant to the history of Just Us Geeks. We love you guys, and we appreciate what you did for us, your listeners, and podcasting.

Thank you. We hope you enjoy what we’ve done for you.

So go tweet at the show, @IHeardThatWasGd, check out the website for the back catalogue of the show, or go pick up an IHTWG tee!

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