Episode #6 goes live TOMORROW!


Episode #6 has been recorded and is coming at you tomorrow! Make sure to check it out as we talk Avengers, the new Dark Knight trailer, Botcon 2012, more info about the WiiU and launch titles, Kickstarter, our Apps of the Week and more!

Also make sure you “Like” us over at Facebook; our 100th “Like” gets a guest spot on an upcoming podcast!

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  1. Ian Brown 2 May, 2012 at 13:10 Reply

    You guys ought to check out Tribes: Ascend F2P. I’m really enjoying throwing myself at an old-school classic remixed.

    Also in the F2P arena coming soon is the reemergence of Planetside 2. Both have freemium content models, but it looks like the industry is getting good at not sacrificing gameplay for cash. It’s all about accellerated leveling and side-grades, like Mass Effect 3 points-for-packs model.

    The impatient pay the way for the dedicated with less money, but more quality experience, improving the game for all.

  2. Hinderless 2 May, 2012 at 14:03 Reply

    So with the “100th like” contest you are basically telling me that I should unlike you guys until you have 99 likes and then like you again? I think this type of contest is counter productive and does nothing for those that have followed you the longest. Also, it could potentially spurn your own growth because you may loss potential “likes” because people will want to wait until you 99 “likes” before “liking” you.

  3. Josh 2 May, 2012 at 14:19 Reply

    @ Ian – We’ll have our guys take a look at this. Totally sounds like something they’d be all about.

    @ Hinderless – BALLS. Yup, that just happened.

    And we don’t see it that way at all, and we aren’t about to be like some other sites/communities who don’t care about our fans. You’ve been a fan from the get-go and we know this. We are currently talking about ways we can give back to guys like you who have supported us from the start. But as always, we need your feedback…

    So what should we do for our most die-hard fans?

  4. Hinderless 2 May, 2012 at 20:41 Reply

    “So what should we do for our most die-hard fans?” Continue to pump out content. I’m not a reader/listener that feels like I’m entitled to anything from you guys. I feel that the content that you guys provide is enough for me. What I’m addressing in my above comment is the downfalls of the “contest” that you guys are doing. If you are going to do something of this sort, I feel that it should be equally available to any fan, whether they visited this page on it’s first day, or this is their first day visiting it.

    The use of the “Like” system to award some sort of prize to the 100th “liker” seems to me to be inherently flawed from the perspective of growth. I mentioned this argument above. A new fan may now not want to “Like” your page because they want to wait until they have a shot at being the “100th like.” It does nothing for you guys at all, but hurt you.

    I’m not addressing any of this because I want to insult or negatively criticize you guys. I’m only addressing it, because it seems to me that the “100th Like” reward is flawed, and could potentially hurt you.

    Verily, if you want to do something of this sort, that rewards people for liking your page, but is fair to everyone, and will promote the growth of your Facebook page, you could have a drawing for said prize when you get your 100th like. All 100 people who have liked you would be entered into the drawing and the prize would be rewarded to the person whose name was drawn. This would encourage people who already like your page to invite people, while telling the new members that they also have a chance at the prize…as long as they get in before the 100th like.

    That’s just my two cents…

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