Frank Gibeau, EA Labels head, has seen the Playstation 4 and Next Xbox


In a speech at Gamescom, the EA Labels head revealed that he has personally seen both the Playstation 4 and the Next Xbox.  What does this mean?  Could a reveal of the machines be that far off?  Some say yes, others aren’t so sure.  As for Gibeau’s actual remarks, here’s the quote:

I’ve seen both of them.  Ten years ago we used to measure our market in terms of 200 million people. Now we are at a billion people playing games and we have a straight line view on 2 billion.

Whether Gibeau has seen prototypes, actual builds, or just dev kits remains uncertain.  However, it makes sense for EA’s chief to have already seen these consoles in some form as EA provides a steady stream of A list titles for both.  The partnership only means money, and lots of us, and as we’ve come to see in recent years from the video game industry, money is oftentimes more important than anything else.    Stay tuned to JustUs Geeks for all the latest news in video gaming!

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