Games of the Week: Heroes of Ruin, Penny Arcade Episode 3, and NCAA 13


Its Satuuuuurrddaaayyy! So kick off the weekend right with these great games that the geeks are currently playing.


Heroes of Ruin (Nintendo 3Ds)


As mention in the podcast, its Diablo on the go. Tons of quests and monsters to kill and loot, plus a good variety of playable characters (the gunslinger, which I mistakenly called the vanquisher in the podcast is my all-time favorite) and the jump in, jump out multiplayer lets you allow how many players you want to join you at any one time. The battles can get a little hectic with 4 party members ripping up monsters all at once, and some slow down can occur, but on the whole I experienced very little lag and little network connection problems. Playing alone can be a little repetitive, but I admit I have a little bit of an addiction to dungeon crawlers such as this, so I’m gonna have this game in my 3Ds for quite some time.


Penny Arcade: On the rain-slick precipice of darkness Episode 3 (xbox 360, ps3, steam)


For hardcore Penny Arcade fans such as myself, the OTRSPD series has been a laugh riot of great gaming, and episode 3 is no different. Styled to look like Final Fantasy 3 on the Super Nintendo, this turn based RPG game continues to follow the supernatural exploits of the Startling Developments Detective Agency.  Tons of cool monsters to fight, hilarious commentary and dialogue from the writer of Penny Arcade Jerry Holkins, and small price tag make this downloadable game a must play for fans of the webcomic and of classic RPG’s.


NCAA Football 13 (xbox 360, ps3)



College Gridiron action delivered to us by EA sports yet again makes changes to the formula to freshen up the series. New passing and receiving systems along with more attention to school specific traditions and mascots mean that this entry into the NCAA series does much to draw you in and capture the passion of college pigskin.

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