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Tis the season to be jolly and Capcom is showering fans with more than ample reason to get excited.  Through the love of loyal fans and fortunate timing, the 25th anniversaries of the Street Fighter and Mega Man franchises collide in the fan created, Capcom endorsed entry that is, Street Fighter X Mega Man.  The mash up of the two worlds join together in a new adventure for the blue bomber as he goes retro once more to battle a hand full of new challengers.

In classic Mega Man style, players are able to choose between 8 bosses each with their own unique stages and themes.  The stage leaders are classic Street Fighter characters that range from iconic characters like Ryu and Chun Li, to lesser known but equally beloved characters like Rolento and Urien.  Side scrolling your way through waves of enemies while blasting away lead you to the inevitable boss fight and, true to form, a new ability to aid Mega Man’s assault on the remaining characters.

The new twist to the classic formula is a welcome addition and the fan creation is smothered with retro love that harkens back to the NES hit Mega Man 2. It is a grand homage to a classic character that has not been feeling a great deal of love and support lately.  Nonetheless, Street Fighter x Mega Man is available now for free so gamers can test their mettle.  Whether looking for a healthy dose of nostalgia or just looking for a way to tide themselves over until the Christmas wave players are able to snag the free download over at



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