Happy Falling from the JustUs Geeks!


As we prepare to take on countless hours of robot-on-robot action, we wish you the very best in your respective Autobot/Decepticon hunting!

Also, make sure you check out our XBL Gamertags and play some FoC with the Geeks!

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Josh Steen

Josh Steen is the founder of the JustUs Geeks, and is the host of the JustUs Geeks Podcast. Josh is also a dad, husband, and graphic designer. He geeks out over sports, video games, music, and Transformers. Have an idea for a story or podcast topic? Let him know via social media or email!

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  1. Dash 20 May, 2017 at 04:46 Reply

    XOXO! Thanks for writing! I was surprised at how difficult yesterday was#28&30;and, as I cut myself down for feeling anxious, I realized that was the old me…it was a tough day…and that’s okay. It’s okay to have tough days. I don’t have to make it worse by yelling at myself for feeling the way I do.

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