Have we just seen the real iPad Mini?


iPad Mini, iPad Nano….doesn’t matter what you call it, because in just a few weeks we will most likely be watching the keynote where the product is being introduced if big tech blogs like Mashable, TUAW, 9to5Mac, and Macrumors are to be believed.  Now, comes this video: a Mashable report featuring photos leaked today by Chinese website Bolopad that shows several shots of the rumored mini tablet that match up fairly well with some leaked screens we’ve seen earlier.

The big question is: are they real?  Well, if we think back to Apple’s last launch, last week’s debut of the iPhone 5, almost every leaked part and picture we saw was correct.  Noticeably, the smaller ipad sports a rear camera, and the Lightning connector, just like the rumors have been saying for months.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, you can check out the video below and then decide for yourself.

HT to Mashable for the video.

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