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What’s up! Josh, your host with the most here.

Lots of great stuffs happened this weekend here on justusgeeks.com, including the new layout. (Thanks to Jared for giving up his weekend to get us rolling.) One of our main reasons for changing the look of the site was that it would help provide you folks better content in a format that was easy to navigate and use. BOOM! Win all the way around.

We’ve kinda picked up some steam in the last week, thanks to you hardcore guys, and some new friends, so our new goal is bringing you new, original, and sometimes exclusive content.

Marty kicked off the new site in style this weekend by posting about the 5 Worst Transformers of All Time. Go read it right now; good original content!

And then…..things caught fire.


So then the Transformers World went CRAZY! Crazy, you hear me! Marty’s article got read and circulated all over Twitter. (I’d post some photos of the re-tweets, but the comments aren’t, well, very JustUs Geeks audience friendly). One dude who retweeted was Chris Ho (@vangelus), who heads up the WTF @ TFW Podcast over at tfw2005.com. Chris does some good stuff, and I’m a personal fan of the podcast, as well as TFW2005 as a whole. Folks were blastin’ ole Martimus all over the fandom for his choices over the worst Transformers of all time! For those of you who aren’t into the Transformers scene, this isn’t a big deal to you, but for the true fanboys out there the debate will forever rage on as to which figures can be labeled “Worst of All Time”.

Now, this is the editorial part of this post….so stick with me.

Marty is actually one of my closest friends, and I’d totally take a Dark Energon shard to the chest for him. He has a massive collection of Transformers, a collection which is only a fraction of what it once was. On top of his massive collection, eventhough he never owned one G2 Megatron, bro has some serious Transformers-game. He’s a walking Transformers wiki; I think he actually helped encode the encrypted files of Iacon. Basically, Marty is a Transformer, sans all the metal and robot features. His love of the TF World ignited a spark, total pun intended, in me to pick Transformers back up from where I did as a kid. We’ve gone on regular hunts together, he is always trusted council on who to and not to buy (like FE Vehicon…thanks, pal!), and could easily run a site like TFW.

So when someone comes out against my geeky brother-in-arms, I must stand!

Chris Ho, and the rest of the TF World has every right to their opinions; he and some of the people in his circle are the be-all-and-end-all of Transformers info. However, Marty knows his stuff, and if the Shattered Glass line doesn’t work it for him, then so what? Isn’t that the beauty of the whole thing?

We are all crazily different, with different likes and tastes, much like our Autobot and Decipticon brothers we all come in different shapes and sizes. Each one of us has the right to throw around our own “Top 5” list, and it be totally accurate. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty disappointed that Prime RiD Bumblebee, or Crapbee, wasn’t on the list; he’d be on mine.

So here’s a call to the Transformers fandom within the scope of this text: let’s embrace our differences, because we all got ’em. The TF fandom contains some really cool folks, including my pal Martimus Prime. Let’s grow our community and embrace new ideas.

Ask yourselves this: WWOPD?

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