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You might be surprised with our History of The Doctor’s take on the Revised Series Companions.

Rose Featured

While the revived series of Doctor Who has featured far less companions then the classic series, some would argue that more memorable companions have been created since the revival. While I would argue that this is primarily due to the new series’s exposure, I cannot deny that the last seven seasons have featured some of my personal favorite companions.

Rose Tyler was the first and longest standing companion of the Ninth Doctor. For one episode Rose and the Ninth Doctor were joined by Adam Mitchell, but the Doctor quickly expelled him from the Tardis for being an idiot. They were joined in the last part of the season by the ever charming Jack Harkness, a rogue Time Agent and con man.

The Tenth Doctor’s repertoire of companions was quite a bit more expansive then his previous incarnation, but he started out once again with Rose Tyler. He would also bring Rose’s former boyfriend Mikey Smith on multiple adventures with him. When Rose is left stranded in another dimension he picks up Donna Noble as a companion for one adventure, though she would return in the next season. Martha Jones, an actual doctor, would join him for one season. She left the Tardis of her own free will due to her unrequited love for the Doctor. Donna would become the Doctor’s new companion for a season, but she would leave due to the circumstances of the metacrisis. Donna’s grandfather would join the Tenth Doctor as companion for his final adventure.

The Eleventh Doctor’s roster of companions have been much more consistent. His original companion was Amelia “Amy” Pond, the girl who waited. After Amy showed physical attraction to the Doctor he quickly picked up Amy’s fiance, Rory Williams. Most of the Eleventh Doctor’s adventures would take place with these two individuals, even though often they would be joined by the enigmatic River Song. River Song was actually the Doctor’s wife, though they were meeting in the wrong order. After the tragic departure of Amy and Rory, the Doctor would be joined by Clara Oswald, who might just be the most important companion the Doctor has ever had.

 The Geek’s Favorite Companions


My absolute favorite companion is Rory Williams. Rory is the everyman of the series. He is the normal guy that just so happens to get mixed up with the wacky adventures of the Doctor. And just like most people would probably do, he utterly fails all the time in his adventures on the Tardis. He dies more times then can be counted, and he is even erased completely from the universe. Through all of this he somehow prevails. Not only does he prevail, but he genuinely becomes one of the greatest heroes that Doctor Who has ever seen. He stands guard over his girlfriend for two thousand years, threatens the Twelfth Cyber Legion to their face when searching for a kidnapped Amy, and punches Hitler in the face. Rory represents all the best qualities in companions, and even though he is often mistreated by Amy, he loves her unconditionally.

Besides Rory, I also favor Jack Harkness, though for very different reasons. Jack is the perfect comic relief for a show like Doctor Who. From his first appearance he proves he can match the Doctor in witty banter and battle prowess. Harkness proves his the leading man so much that he became one when the spin off series Torchwood is launched. Besides being funny, he’s also a very deep lore character, having become immortal after the actions of Bad Wolf, he is a walking paradox. The Doctor had trouble just being around him, because his existence was simply wrong. Even though people dispute it, the show is pretty explicit that Jack also shows up in the twilight of his life as the Face of Boe, really bringing many plots full circle for the Tenth Doctor.


This is no contest, and luckily, Ronnie gave me an out with one of his choices in Rory; Rose Tyler is in fact the most perfect Companion of all time. Go ahead and get mad, but unless you’ve fully experienced the entirety of the revised series, then don’t be wagging Amy Pond in my face.

We now know a lot more about what makes Eccleston’s Doctor so tragically dark, and knowing this makes Rose an even better choice for Greatest Companion. She was everything the Ninth Doctor needed her to be, and so much so that the Tenth Doctor was willing to rip the fabric of time and space to save Rose Tyler.

Are her parents and subsequent companion friends annoying sometimes? Yes, but luckily they do end up playing a larger role in the story.

Rose Tyler is unabashedly British, attractive, funny, and saves The Doctor time and time again. (This is why, logically, Martha Jones was the obvious choice to follow Rose; same ferocity but without the love story.) There are lots and LOTS of people who hate the love storyline woven between Ten and Rose, but to me, it’s perfect. We get a glimpse of what’s to come for the Tenth Doctor and Rose during Nine’s regeneration.

So, about Amy Pond: in the probability that I offend the entirety of the fandom, Pond just….doesn’t do it for me. She’s slightly annoying, yes in a lovable way, but there’s always Rory. Rory this, Rory that, “We’ve got to go save that idiot you’re married to yet again because he’s all the time dying” Rory Pond. While there have been multiple companions in the TARDIS at once in the revised series, to me it just feels like Rory is the third wheel; like he doesn’t belong. The Doctor goes searching for someone like Amy Pond, because let’s face it, in ways she’s like Rose, and after Martha Jones and the lovely Donna Noble, he needs another Rose. There are real glimpses of what it could’ve been like to me in the very first couple of episodes featuring Amy. Also, the last episode featuring the Ponds I thought was really really well done, and felt a great emotional connection between The Doctor and Amy, but yet again, there’s Rory.

I love Rory; I mean, Mr. Weasley is his dad. He is The Centurion. He was a wonderful and devoted husband, great father (in a very WEIRD sort of way *SPOILERS*), and the ultimate companion….for Amy. He always works her out of the equation for me.

Rose Tyler, the Bad Wolf, the ultimate Companion.


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