It’s a dream inside an App inside a dream inside an App….


Are your dreams boring you? Luckily, there’s an App for that.

Introducing Sigmund, a 99-cent App that helps you to “program your dreams.

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Created by Daniel Nadler, a Harvard PhD student, Sigmund is an App build off some pretty wicked sleep science. Users can “program” their dreams content from a list of 1000 keywords, selecting anywhere between 1 and 5 words.

As the user enters the deepest portions of sleep (which the App can measure from a timer you set for the amount of time you are wanting to sleep), a soothing robotic voice will read the keywords that you have chosen.

According to the sleep study involved with the App’s testing, 34% – 40% of users reported dreams that had been memorably altered by the App.

Lots of cool science involved, but the question is does it work? I’m sure probably not for everyone, but I look forward to taking the Sigmund plunge and letting you know.

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