Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon Recreate “More Than Words”


Watch Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon recreate the iconic “More Than Words” music video for The Tonight Show.

This clearly shows why Jimmy Fallon is, and will be for years to come, the King of Late Night. On top of this amazing clip, the rest of Monday night’s show was pretty great. Jeff Garland, standup and star of ABC’s The Goldbergs, did a standup set that was hilariously good. This is the kind of quality you get with Fallon night after night.

The only problem we see with Fallon is that sometimes he misses on those high fives:

Not to mention, Jack Black, am I right? I probably have an unhealthy love for Jack Black, but this clip is one example of why. This dude has a range, and talent, that will rock your socks off.

Are you a fan of The Tonight Show? If not, who is YOUR King of Late Night? Let us know!

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