Jerry “The King” Lawler suffers heart attack


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jerry “The King” Lawler, who collapsed during a taping of a WWE Wrestling event last night. Medical personnel began seeing to him immediately, and CPR had to be performed on him before being taken to a local hospital. Word later came out that he had suffered a heart attack, but is now breathing on his own at the hospital.

In his sixties but still active in the wrestling world, Lawler had even participated in an impromptu tag team match earlier that evening.

Professional wrestling still enjoys a huge fan base, and for many it is a topic of Geek-like obsession. While I personally have never been hugely obsessed with it, I grew up close to Memphis (where Lawler became famous) and with an older cousin who still loves the WWE to this day.

We’ll update when more information about The King comes out, but in the meantime let’s send good vibes his way Geeks.


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