Just got back from midnight showing of Avengers….



My geeky squadmates are seeing the movie on their own time (Jared tonight as well, Marty and Josh tomorrow night) but I just returned from a bleary eyed midnight showing of Joss Whedon’s comic book epic (is that word overused? well screw it I’m tired). Though more Avengers goodness will be coming all weekend from Just Us Geeks I just want to lay down my absolute first impression as awesome! While I can pick out some small slights I didn’t like, which we will discuss later, I can say my ticket money was well spent and my inner child smiled the whole movie. For those of you hitting up the late night shows, how did you like it? Leave comments here or on our facebook page. And don’t forget to like us on facebook! For those of you going this weekend to see it, you’re going to be pleased I’m sure.

Carry on my geeky comrades!

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