League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Sequel???


Did you hate the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie, or do you wish they would make another one? If it’s the latter, we have awesome news for you!

Back in 2003, 20th Century Fox released a movie based on comic legend Alan Moore’s acclaimed graphic novel about various Victorian era literary characters coming together in a team. The film featured Sean Connery in his last-to-date live action film role. Due to studio interference and a general misunderstanding of Moore’s quirky source material, the movie was widely panned as a dud. An attempt at a television series in 2013 went nowhere as well.
Now word has come via The Tracking Board that Fox is planning a reboot of the graphic novel. While still in the early planning stages, John Davis (of Waterworld and I, Robot) is set to produce.

Otherwise, very little is known. Hopefully, though, Fox will knock this one out of the park. As difficult as it may seem to adapt Alan Moore’s work to film, it can be done well – Watchmen and V for Vendetta are examples of that.
Who’s excited by this? You? I am, definitely! Got some killer casting ideas? Let’s hear them! Drop your thoughts on us in the comments.


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