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I received a great package yesterday courtesy of Amazon… my new Leonardo figure from the new Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line. I apologize for the crappy pictures, I just snapped a few with my iPad on my kitchen counter to show you a little bit of what you can expect with this new toyline. I’ll hopefully be able to update soon with pics of all four Turtles together.

First off, here are some pictures of the packaging.

and back:

One you take him out of the package, you are presented with two plastic ties holding him to the tray. Now, it may just be me, but I found these two ties to be very difficult to remove. They were knotted up and there wasn’t much slack to get in with a toenail clipper to remove them. Getting them undone took a few minutes.

Once you get him out you’ll find that these new Turtles are pretty good, featuring 11 points of Articulation. They aren’t -extremely- posable as, say, a Marvel Legends figure is, but you should be able to get a few good poses out of him. He appears a little squat, with his stubby forearms and shins, but that is in keeping with the animation model on the new cartoon so no complaints. The only paint app I noticed out of place on mine was right on his lips… there is a very thin unpainted line between his lips and teeth that make a ring of white around his mouth. Overall though, paint apps are pretty good with no bleed over that I could tell.


His main weapons are two katanna swords, one slightly shorter than the other, that fit in the holster on his back. He also includes a weapons rack featuring another long sword, a short spike looking thing, several kunai (ninja knives, like those featured on Naruto), and a couple throwing stars. Though they are kind of superfluous, it’s a nice throwback to the original Ninja Turtle toys.

Overall, on a scale of 1 to 10 for the new figures, I’d give Leonardo a solid 8.

Here are some more images:



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