Letter received by Gamestop from Ubisoft hints at Assassins Creed 3 Season Pass







You know whats better than paying sixty bucks for a game? Why buying a season pass to go along with it of coarse!. A letter from Ubisoft has arrived to Gamestop’s recently thanking them for the hard work scooping up pre-orders for Assassins Creed 3 and telling them of a season pass type deal that will be following soon before the launch of the game. This isn’t as surprising as say, a wrist blade to the back or anything, but it does further my theory that we are approaching a day where every single video game you purchase is going to cost an additional ten to fifteen bucks if you want the whole package. Alas, at least I can say that Ubisoft does typically support their games, especially the AC franchise, with pretty awesome DLC after launch. Stay tuned to Just Us Geeks!

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