Mad Max Teaser Trailer Has Arrived!


Watch the teaser trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road here!

Mad Max Trailer

Are you mad to take a trip down Fury Road? Can’t wait? Now we have a trailer to get your engine revving!

A new trailer for the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road sequel/reboot has dropped, and it’s pretty awesome! We get to see more action, and a few more character moments.

The action starts with the title cards over the sound of Max’s Pursuit Special firing up. Brief exposition tells how the Wasteland’s already limited resources are becoming even more scarce, with water in addition to gasoline running low.

Finally, there is a fast cut montage of absolute mayhem and wanton violence, in the style of classic Mad Max. We see more shots of the sandstorm chase scene, as well as a quick glimpse of Max riding one of those pole vaulting things. All of this happens as an epic Wagneresque theme plays in the background.

Overall, this trailer gets me even more excited for the film. I really hope it delivers. Are you ready for a bald, raccoon-eyed Charlize Theron? Are you prepared to cruise on down Fury Road? Tell us what a lovely day that will be in the comments below!

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