Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” DLC coming this Tuesday



We finally have a solid release date for the “apology DLC” from Bioware for Mass Effect 3: Tuesday, June 26th. (Happy Birthday to Jared!)

Mass Effect 3 launched to rave reviews but soon found itself embroiled in controversy over it’s ending, which many fans of the series thought was inadequate in wrapping up the story of Commander Shepard’s struggles against a Reaper invasion.

In order to help satiate the rabid fanbase, Bioware promised new downloadable content that would expand upon the original ending and give fans a little more closure, and also assured us it would be free.

Here is the synopsis on Bioware’s blog:

The Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut is a downloadable content pack that will expand upon the events at the end of Mass Effect 3. Through additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes, the Extended Cut will include deeper insight to Commander Shepard’s journey based on player choices during the war against the Reapers. The Extended Cut will be available to download at no additional charge on June 26th on Xbox 360 and PC and PlayStation 3.

Are you excited for the newly expanded ending, or were you satisfied with the original? Or have you moved on and can’t bring yourself to care any more? Shout out in the comments!

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