Microsoft to offer upgrades to Windows 8 for just $40


Could it be that Microsoft is taking tips from Apple on more than it’s design philosophy?  It might just be so, as reports are streaming in that the tech giant will offer Windows 8 for upgrade for only $40.  Now, that is a far cry from when I upgraded my PC to Windows Vista a few years ago and spent $99 for the Home Version.  It could be that more and more software companies are realizing, including the biggest of the big, that providing something at a value really does draw customers in, and, during lean economic times, dollars have to stretch further.  For those who are interested, Microsoft will offer a download, called Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant, which will scan your computer and find out if you are eligible for the upgrade.  If you aren’t, or you just hate saving money, the physical copy will be available at launch in stores for a price tag of $70.  Either way, Microsoft is making it more affordable to upgrade, which is a big step to changing up their image among the tech community.

Now if they can just teach everyone how to use Windows 8, they’re in business…..

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