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A developer, wishing to not be identified, released some opinions about a Wii U dev kit and supposedly weaker specs the Wii U will be sporting. Now I have heard since the announcement of the Wii U that Nintendo was shooting for somewhere in the ballpark of a machine that could AT LEAST surpass the processing power of the consoles currently on the market. That did not mean the Wii U was going to be able to best the next ps4 or next xbox, but Nintendo’s machine could at least hold its own ground. This developer states the Wii U may be much weaker than previously stated, and that the machine can’t even compare with current consoles being sold.

I take some issue with this statement mostly with the fact that any dev kits given to developers right now are unlikely to be of finished hardware. Tweaks and changes are mostly likely still being added to the Wii U architecture, especially since the release date has been pushed back. I’ll wait to see more information from a more confirmed source before I start crying over the Wii U.

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