Movies You Have Not Seen But Should: Daltry Calhoun


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Daltry Calhoun

Welcome back to Movies You Have Not Have Seen But Should. This week, we will look at the 2005 dramedy Daltry Calhoun. The film stars Johnny Knoxville, Juliette Lewis and Elizabeth Banks.

The title character, Daltry Calhoun (played by Knoxville) is an entrepreneur who at the beginning of the film goes from nothing to something. He became something (along with becoming rich) because he reengineered grass for golf courses across the country. However, there was a slight problem with the grass and now Daltry is losing money. While trying to save his fortune and his livelihood, another bombshell is dropped upon him. His estranged daughter June is dropped in his lap by Daltry’s ex May (played by Banks).

June is a musical prodigy. She also has grown up without a father. So it is just as much a shock for her to meet Daltry as it is for him to meet her. She is trying to sort out her life and find a place in Daltry’s. Meanwhile, Daltry is working hard to change the compound of the grass he’s growing so that he can save his business. He also in the beginning stages of a relationship with Flora Flick (played by Lewis). It is a juggling act for Daltry. How does it end up? Is he able to find the right compound for the grass? Can he become a father to June? How does this affect his relationship with Flora? You’ll have to watch to find out.

The film also stars David Koechner (best known for his work in films such as Anchorman, Thank You For Smoking and TV shows such as The Office), James Parks (best known for his roles in films such as Django Unchained and Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2) and Laura Cayouette (who also had roles in Django Unchained, Now You See Me, and Enemy of the State). It was co-produced by Quentin Tarantino. It was released theatrically in the U.S. in limited release on September 23, 2005.

Daltry Calhoun is available on DVD and Amazon Instant Video. This indie film may have slipped through the cracks but it’s worth giving it a try. It has some laughs as well as some dramatic scenes. It’s a film that you may not have seen, but you should.

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