New Transformers Kre-o Mini-Combiners!



Thanks to MTV Geek we have our first glimpses at new Transformers gestalt figures that not only transform from robot to vehicle, but merge to form bigger robots as well.

These images show the Predacons (who merge to form Predaking) and the Combaticons (who merge to form Bruticus). Strangely the sets only instead 4 robots each, when all of these sets used to feature 5 robots back in the G1 days.

It says 4 different teams will be available, but doesn’t mention the other 2. I’m assuming they will be Autobots, and assume further that they will probably be the Protectobots (who merge to form Defensor) and either the Arielbots (who form Superion) or the Technobots (who form Computron).

I haven’t really be interested in the Transformers Legos Kre-o’s, but these are pretty sweet and I can’t wait to add them to my collection.

Follow that link for more info.


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