News on the Female Thor!


Want to know who the new female Thor in the comics is? Have you proven yourself worthy?
It goes without saying that major spoilers lurk ahead, so if you’re the type who’s not OK with that, stop reading now.
Did the non-wanting-to-know-spoilers people stop reading? Alright, here we go.
Since last July, we’ve known that the good ole Thor we know and love was proven unworthy of wielding the mighty hammer Mjolnir, and an unknown female picked it up. Since then, this unidentified woman has been the new Thor.
In the latest issue of Marvel’s Secret War Comics, it is revealed that this new warrior is none other than Jane Foster, the original Thor’s love interest.
Even more shocking is the fact that apparently Foster is suffering from some type of cancer caused by her use of Mjolnir. However, in true superhero fashion, Foster declares that she will never stop being The Mighty Thor.
So, there you have it. No word on whether this will affect the MCU version of Thor, portrayed by the mighty Chris Hemsworth. How do you guys feel about this? Ready to see Natalie Portman wielding a giant hammer? Do you hope it turns out better than fighting bug people with Jedi? Prove us worthy with your comments below!

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