Powerizer Bulkhead….what do you think?


So there we have it, Transformers fans…the Holy Grail of Transformers Prime and his Powerizer counterpart.

My first reaction is that no, it’s not nearly as good as First Edition Bulkhead, but what is? First Edition Bulkhead is the pinnacle of what we expect the molds and design to be. Unless you’ve traded away major pieces of your collection or paid a ridiculous sum of money, you don’t own First Edition Bulkhead, if you live within the United States that is.

Marty has this guy, and he’ll be the first to say that it’s the apex, along with FE Prime, of the Prime line right now. I’ve held Bulkhead, transformed him, and yes he’s pretty perfect.

But can I live with Powerizer Bulkhead?

Meh. I think I can. At some point I’d like to make FE Bulkhead a part of my collection, but I’m happy with this mold….except the weapon. (WHY DID THEY DO THIS TO THE WEAPONS!?!?!)

Anyway, take a look at the pic above and check out the full gallery over here at tfw2005.com

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