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It’s happened before, and it’s happening again – sometimes the Netflix winds blow you into a series instead of a feature. I just go with it. It’s a thing.



Between, a Netflix original series released this year, did not look promising to me. To be really honest about the whole thing, the only reason I even decided to go with it was because the cover art (for lack of a better term – is that accurate, though? Is it still cover art if it’s only a thumbnail in a title list? It’s not exactly on a dust jacket or anything) featured the girl who played Sam in iCarly, and as someone with a newly-pre-teenager in her house, I am quite invested in the lives of the stars of iCarly. It’s a dumb reason, I know, but I figure random is random, so I let the series into my life.

Between is the story of a town called Pretty Lake (is there a town called this? It seems a little…precious to me. Like, would someone actually agree that it’s a good name for a town?), where all the people over 22 just start keeling over from a virus that makes them suddenly leak blood and die.


Sam from iCarly plays a pregnant (gasp) teen named Wiley who evidently lives in a funeral parlor and is striking some shady deal with an attorney (and a manila envelope of cash) regarding her unborn child. Her sister is very holy and they seem to hate each other, and I figure this will come into play later in the season (just kidding, I’ve already watched the whole season and it totally does matter).

With all the adults suddenly dead, there erupts this big Lord-of-the-Flies feel and suddenly there are tiny acne-ridden warlords policing the town. The dialogue is not riveting, and at times it’s just plain terrible, but the situation was interesting enough to me to keep me watching. The drama of the situation and the

Honestly? There are more doomsday-scenario movies and shows out there than anyone could count, and this one is not much different. I don’t regret watching it, but there are definitely better uses of Netflix-allotted broadband to be had.

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